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Exhibition Scope:

Dried Fruits: dried fruit, preserved fruit, sweetmeat, canned fruit, etc.

Dried Nuts: walnut, pecan, macadimia nut, almond, filbert, peanut, pine nut, common pistache, melon seed, cashew, Chinese chestnut, ginkgo seed, lotus seed, pilinut, etc.

Dried Nuts Processing Techniques and Equipment: fruit picker, skinning machine, automatic control system, heat pump technology, sterilization equipment, cleaning equipment, etc.

Dried Nuts Packaging Techniques and Equipment: packaging material, packaging box, packaging production line, etc.

Dried Nuts Preservation and Distribution: preservation technology, storage equipment, cold chain and distribution service, food preservation equipment, cold storage equipment, etc.

Fresh Retail and Technical Equipment: commercial information management system, e-commerce system, store management information, etc.